Founded in 1993, MedData Research, Inc. (MedData Research) is not the usual computer support company; in fact, MedData Research is a research support company.  As a computer support company, we perform many tasks such as helpdesk and desktop computer support, but as a research support company we support research and clinical protocols, and Doctors and Scientists, as well as the tools required to perform research.  MedData Research realizes that research support is very different from computer support.  Many of our projects involve MRI scanners and the data from the scanners; we assist the Doctors and Scientists who obtain the data, and we employ Scientists, Engineers, Programmers, and Systems Analysts as well as Research Assistants. 

MedData Research enjoys being a part of the research environment, and we are proud of the work we have accomplished.  We understand that research is an ever-changing environment and that contracting companies must be able to change alongside the research requirements. 

Being a small business allows MedData Research to offer a personal approach to our clients.  Our philosophy is to do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients.  MedData Research understands that the type and complexity of the tasks often require that the contractor personnel and client personnel work as a team.  Throughout the past 15 years, MedData Research personnel and our clients have been teammates, and MedData Research vows continued commitment to this teamwork.

MedData Research’s services are based on innovative strategies and methods to increase management performance with our subject matter expertise.  As a result, 100% of our business comes from repeat contracts and customer referrals.  Based on the results of an independent customer satisfaction survey conducted by Dun & Bradstreet, MedData Research consistently received performance ratings of 9 and 10 (with 10 being the highest).
MedData Research provides outstanding operations management with technical expertise in scientific research environments. We are proud of our excellent services in research process support that have been recognized by renowned leaders in science, including those within the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Our IT capabilities, enriched with programmatic expertise in scientific and medical environments, assures outstanding service delivery.

In addition to technical professionals, MedData Research employs subject matter experts with advanced degrees in biophysics, bio-informatics, medicine, mathematics, and engineering.  We have the technological expertise required for today’s advanced research environments involving sophisticated computerized laboratory equipment and standards for ultimate process improvements.